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German indie rock/post-punk duo Para Lia reveal vibrant new single ‘Sunchild’, previewing new album. 

Melodic indie / alternative rock duo Para Lia has announced they have signed to Berlin-based About Us Records for the release of their new album ‘In Clash With The Zeitgeist’, due out on August 25. To mark this transition towards their third record, they present ‘Sunchild’, the driving, guitar-laden indie rock lead track from this album.

Comprised of René Methner (all instruments and vocals) and Cindy Methner (backing vocals), who were raised in the eastern part of a divided Germany. Their band name was born of their love for Greece, with para lia (παραλία) meaning “coast” or “beach” in Greek – a name full of mystery but optimism, which both has history and evokes a balance of the masculine and feminine.

Now based in Cottbus (near Berlin), Para Lia’s music is influenced by the rhythms and tones of ‘90s alt-rock and the synth density of ‘80s darkwave. Their own sound blends melodic guitars, along with distinctive lead guitar and resonant synths.

On ‘Sunchild’, Para Lia’s psychedelic side seeps into the lyrics. René Methner says, “That track is a love letter to life. In fact, most of the songs here are characterized by optimism and hope.”

“This is a psychelovic indie rock song for survivors!” says Cindy Methner. “This is an ode to not letting it get you down and was created in darker days. It’s an optimistic song to blink into the sun, where the joy of life is at home behind the black holes”

Ignoring the zeitgeist of this day and age, Para Lia creates music that is far from mainstream. Despite this, or maybe because of it, the band has gathered listeners from around the world. Debuting with the ‘Soap Bubble Dreams’ album in 2019, followed by ‘Gone With The Flow’, which involved artists from the USA, Canada and the UK, as well as a collaborative interactive art exhibition with painter Louis Renzoni.

Now Para Lia is ready to enter the next chapter with the new album ‘In Clash With The Zeitgeist’. Self-recorded and produced at their home studio, these tracks were then mastered by Thommy Hein (Die Ärzte, Nina Hagen, Udo Lindenberg). This album sees them blend their love for late 80’s and early 90’s indie rock with 60’s influences, psychedelic, garage rock and early prog rock elements.

‘In Clash With The Zeitgeist’ features appearances by US keyboardist Fady Haddad, who was involved in Para Lia’s previous record, as well as two artists from the Staatstheater Cottbus – Christian Georgi on electric piano and baritone Andreas Jäpel on vocals. The artwork was designed by Greek artist Georgia Moschogianni.

‘In Clash With The Zeitgeist’ sees Para Lia grow on yet another level with the band expanding from two members to six with an eye towards pursuing live performances.

As of April 28, ‘Sunchild’ will be available digitally across fine music platforms, including Apple MusicSpotify and Bandcamp. The full album ‘In Clash With The Zeitgeist’ will be released, both digitally and on vinyl, on August 25.

1 Like Always
2 Sunchild
3 All That It Takes
4 What We Always Wanted
5 C’est La Vie
6 Will You Find Me
7 Yellow Rose
8 Already Came To Know
9 Mr Perry
10 Nagual
11 Sunchild (Reprise)



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