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WormHoleDeath Records has just announced that the following bands belong from now on to the label’s roster: Suckerpunch, Unborn Prophecy, Hämärä, As We Suffer, Screaming Bones and Phrenesy.

Wormholedeath Records is thrilled to announce the signing of Danish rock n’ roll band Suckerpunch for the re-release of their album ‘Redneck Gasoline’ on April 21st, 2023. The album, which was originally released in 2019, is heavily inspired by the Southern way of life and music from America. With their authentic sound, Suckerpunch draws musical influence from the classic rock scene and the history of America, whether it is the wild west or the moonshiners in the deep south.

“We don’t think that hard about the meaning of life, we leave that to others, instead we play badass redneck boogie,” said Suckerpunch about their music. The band is composed of Kurt Noesgaard on vocals, Lars Groth on drums, Jesper Willumsgaard on bass, Morten Noren on guitar, and Morten Flindt on guitar. Their music features lots of guitar with blistering solos, catchy choruses, and a deep, tight, and steady rhythm section.

Suckerpunch’s music takes you on a journey into a world of Southern-inspired life and history, from tales of desperados to the life of a moonshiner – from riding your Harley on the open highway to a broken heart from a girlfriend. Their music is so authentic that you feel like you’re there with them.

“We are thrilled to sign with Wormholedeath Records for the re-release of ‘Redneck Gasoline’, and more to come in the future,” said Suckerpunch.

Costa Rica’s Progressive Death Metal band Unborn Prophecy has announced that they have signed with Wormholedeath records for the release of their upcoming album “Waking Our Ancient Memories”. The album, which was recorded by the renowned metal music producer and sound engineer Marcos Monnerat at Stereorat Studios, is set to release on 28/04/2023.

Inspired by the apocalyptic prophecies of ancient cultures and their ancestral wisdom, as well as the aboriginal roots of the band members, “Waking Our Ancient Memories” is a conceptual album that features Unborn Prophecy’s original sound. With a sound heavily influenced by Technical and Groove metal bands like Opeth, Obscura, Gojira, and Decapitated, the band aims to capture the fury of nature and their ancient roots.

Unborn Prophecy was founded in 2018 by lead guitarist David González and drummer Juan Carlos Suárez, both from a previous project that played covers from several metal bands. After that period they began working on their own material. Their unique sound has made them one of the most anticipated bands in the Costa Rica metal scene.

Unborn Prophecy has created an album that is powerful, technical, and professional; with meaningful lyrics, and an amazing style that marks their own characteristic sound.

The lineup for Unborn Prophecy consists of David Gonzalez on lead guitar, Juan Carlos Suarez on drums, Paulo Matarrita on bass guitar, Jeancarlo Murillo on rhythm guitar, and Sley Martinez on vocals.

Hailing from Castle Rock, Colorado, melodic metal band Hämärä is excited to announce their signing with Wormholedeath Records for the re-release of their critically acclaimed album, “Ivory Tower”. The album is set to be released on April 21, 2023, and will be available on all major digital platforms.

Formed in 2006, Hämärä’s sound is deeply rooted in Scandinavian melodic metal and American metal. After recording their first album in 2007 (unofficially released), the band continued to play live shows and build momentum until their hiatus in 2015. In 2020, the band came back together with a renewed focus on creating a professional sound and released their newest album, “Ivory Tower”, in April of 2022. The response to the album has been overwhelmingly positive, and it marks their first official release at a professional level.

The band, speaking of ‘Ivory Tower’ stated: “Ivory Tower marks our first official release that we have done at a professional level. When we returned as a band from our 7-year hiatus, we were focused on compiling the best songs we had over the years that we had yet to record and took them into our pre-production process to re-write and tweak the songs to meet the level of musicianship we are at today. Josh spent years honing in the ability to record ourselves, and due to that flexibility, we were able to put out our best music to date. When writing the album we wanted the album to be diverse both sonically and lyrically, while pulling together songs that blend together many of our big inspirations over the years (Children of Bodom, Kalmah, Soilwork, As I Lay Dying, Five Finger Death Punch, Dream Theater, Fleshgod Apocalypse, Amorphis, Dimmu Borgir). We really pushed the boundaries of our current songwriting and brought in many new symphonic elements to enhance our sound”.

In response to the recent signing, the band said: “We are pleased to announce the signing with WormHoleDeath Records for the album “Ivory Tower”. This marks the next milestone in the band’s journey as we are excited for the future of the band and the partnership with WormHoleDeath Records.”

The band’s current lineup features Josh Ruff on lead vocals, bass, and programming, Aaron Schug on vocals and guitar, Tony Molieri on keys and orchestral arrangements, and Alexander Bosson (hired for the album) on drums.

Five-piece Canadian heavy metal band As We Suffer has signed with Wormholedeath Records for the release of their album, “The Fallen Pillars.” The album is scheduled to be re-released on June 9, 2023.

Formed in 2018, As We Suffer has its roots in Metalcore, Punk, Hardcore, and Death Metal, creating a unique brand of entertainment that fuses hard-hitting breakdowns and blistering fast riffs with energetic and witty stage banter. The band draws influences from bands such as Machine Head, Killswitch Engage, Pennywise, Cannibal Corpse, Trivium, and more, showcasing their diverse musical backgrounds.

As We Suffer has been building momentum with their high-energy performances all over Ottawa and is looking to expand their fan base worldwide.

The current line-up consists of Matthew Caldwell on vocals, Derik Roblin and Rob Bell on lead and rhythm guitar, Ryan Caldwell on bass, and Tim Johnson on drums.

Solo instrumental heavy psychedelic project Screaming Bones has signed with Wormholedeath Records for the reissue of its latest album, “And It’ll All Be Good,” on April 28, 2023.
The album takes the listener on a journey through psychedelic guitar sounds, sweet hypnotic flute tones, and heavy riffs, creating a unique sonic landscape that engages the senses and captures the imagination.

Mike Ludwig, the mastermind behind Screaming Bones, stated, “The best things in life happen out of the blue when you don’t expect them. My music being distributed through Wormholedeath is a dream come true. I feel happy and welcomed in the WHD family, thanks for taking me on!”.

“And It’ll All Be Good” is a result of endless sound experiments, digging into the very nature of sound creation, sound enrichment, and sound sculpturing. The album features classic guitar-dominated tracks such as “Ghost Ride” and “Leave Me Alone,” but also takes guitar sounds to a different level when sounds are repeated endlessly while being warped and twisted in crazy delay lines and dystopic reverbs as can be heard in tracks like “Dragonfly” or “Hive Song.”

The tracks on “And it’ll all be good” don’t have a common theme, but each of their musical seeds has been born in a dream-like state, and some of them have grown to sonic monsters that had to be tamed to create repeating patterns and themes that take the listener onto a musical journey they have not taken before. The music on this album is a gem, a flower, a tree that grows a bit more every time you listen to it. What seems like random chaos at first becomes a warped melody of unreal beauty.

Screaming Bones’ music exists to fill your headspace. It will take you on an endless journey if you are willing to let yourself immerse in the music. The music will touch something deep inside you when you listen to it and let it unfold.

Phrenesy has been rocking the Brazilian underground scene since 2003, and with their second full album, they promise to deliver even more powerful Thrash Metal to their fans. Produced by Thiago Bianchi at Estúdio Fusão, “Fears Apocalypse” showcases the band’s natural evolution and hard work in the studio.

To make this album even more special, Phrenesy has invited some special guests to participate in the recording. Rodrigo Shakal (Mofo) plays the second solo on Lost Generation, Felipe Chendes (Alto Extermínio) contributes his skills on Bring it On, Sara Abreu (Estamira) delivers a stunning solo on Mistakes, and Marco Mendes (Device) brings his talent to The Truth is all There.

The album’s cover art was created by Jacqueline Sales (@Jackie_ilustra), and the lineup consists of Wendel Aires on vocals, Tiago Teobaldo and Fabricio Rocha on guitars, Josefer Ayres on drums, and Aluisio Lima on bass.

Phrenesy’s music is not only about beer but also about exposing the political issues that society faces. With “Fears Apocalypse,” the band delivers a unique blend of music, friendship, and alcohol, promising to keep their fans entertained and united.



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