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Recently Necromantia announced the release of its last studio album. Now there is an update. The Greek black metal act revealed that the work on this farewell album, which will be titled “To The Depths We Descend…”, has already been completed. It will be released in several formats this autumn.

The band’s mastermind, Magus,  stated:  “I am proud to say that we officially finished recording, mixing and mastering of “To The Depths We Descend…” our farewell and tribute to Baron Blood album. It is the first time I feel so satisfied of our work in all parts (music, sound, atmosphere) since “Scarlet Evil, Witching Black”. My brother Baron would agree with me. I want to thank Yiannis “The worshiper of Pan” Papayiannis, Kostas “Inferno” Matsoukas and Bill Zobolas for their contribution. But most of all I want to thank two individuals who were my partners in crime on this journey:
– Yiannis Votsis for his amazing drumming performance. He executed his parts perfectly on perfect unison with the Necromantia spirit.
– And last but certainly not least, George Emmanuel which besides his excellent performance on guitars , assisted me in the writing and orchestration of all the new songs and understood fully my vision of the album. Not to mention his amazing work in the sound production which made the band sound as it should be.
Thank you guys, this album would not be the same without you. I am sure that the Baron is watching pleased from his abysmal throne. To all our supporters and legions: be patient, it will hit your soul in the coming months.”

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