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The last couple of months news keeps coming from Bob Katsionis’ camp, proving that he is one of the most active and busiest musicians in the world of metal nowadays. Firewind/Outloud keyboardist and guitarist has just released his new solo album (“Prognosis and Synopsis”), has launched a new application for smartphones and tablets (Icon Disk) and has established his own record label (Symmetric Records), apart from touring with Firewind, producing other bands’ albums at his Sound Symmetry Studio, shooting videos, etc. Despite his heavy schedule, Katsionis responded positively, when we asked him to answer the questions of “Myths of My Life”. So, Bob Katsionis takes a small break during his tour with Firewind in South America and shares with us his personal myths!

Favorite band:

Dream Theater. Been with them since 1994, I have learned a lot from this band. 

Favorite album:

Iron Maiden – “Seventh Son of a Seventh Son”. It was simply the video of “Can I Play with Madness” that turned me to a metalhead.

Favorite song:

Annihilator – “Sounds Good to me”. Play this on my funeral and everyone will remember me the right way.

Favorite musician:

Jeff Waters. Best guitar tone, and great person, plus he wrote my favorite song ever

Favorite music style:

Melodic metal, whatever that is.

Favorite decade:

The 70’s. Emerson Lake and Palmer, Rush, movies, art, everything was perfect.

Favorite movie:

“The Shining”, “The Green Mile”, “Robocop”, “Midnight Express”

Favorite actor:

Tom Hanks

Favorite director:

Stanley Kubrick

Favorite food:

Mashed potatoes with Goulash

Favorite drink:

Pilsner Urquell

Favorite place to travel:


Favorite sport:

PSVR sports

Favorite motto:

Speed kills…warp speed rules!

You can stream Katsionis’ new solo album in its entirety at his official Bandcamp site!



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