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Scorpions are recording their new album and Mikkey Dee spoke to the RRBG Podcast about the on-going recordings of this new Scorpions studio album. However, he said some very interesting things about the global pandemic and the restriction measures (lockdowns etc.).

Particularly, the famous drummer of Scorpions said, when asked about the possible release date of the upcoming Scorpions album: “I guess the release of the record is gonna have to be matched somehow to when we can actually start touring. I had the hopes up that we would release this this spring. That was the plan from the beginning, and I’ve been telling magazines about us releasing it in the spring, but it’s not gonna happen, I don’t think. Because it has to be matched to the touring — unless something completely crazy happens. But I would think in the fall or something like that, hopefully”.

And he continued: “It’s impossible [to predict when we will be able to tour again]; you can only hope. I’m done speculating in this shit, because once you get a little bit of a stream of hope, it’s been shut down immediately. One day you hear this; next day, you hear a completely opposite thing. All this fucking second wave [of COVID-19] and third wave. Now they’re talking about a fourth wave. And there’s mutations from every fucking country in the world. If we’re gonna continue adapting after that, we’re talking 15 years. So, I don’t know…But I’m hopeful. And, yeah, I’m positive that we’re gonna have to get back out there soon. Because no matter what happens, I don’t think you can keep the world shut down anymore. It’s just the end”. 

Having battled himself the virus in March 2020, Mikkey Dee said: “I was influenza sick, thank gosh. But some people are not that lucky, of course, but most of the people are really the elderly people and people with underlying diseases that turn out to get really, really sick. And then, of course, you have some exceptions with young, healthy people, of course. And I realize the seriousness of it”.

And Mikkey Dee ended up saying: “The world has been shut down for one full year now. And that can just not continue like that. It’s a disaster in so many other ways than the virus. That’s how I see it. It’s very, very unfortunate”. 

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