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Emerging from the gritty streets of Detroit in the mid-1960s, MC5 revolutionized rock and roll with their blistering fusion of garage rock, blues, soul, free jazz, and proto-punk. Infamous for incendiary live performances and a radical left-wing stance, their status as pioneers of punk and protest rock has inspired many musicians like RAMONES, THE CLASH, RAGE AGAINST THE MACHINE, THE WHITE STRIPES, Slash and countless others and continues to shape the sound of punk and alternative rock for generations to come.

earMUSIC will release the first new music from MC5 in more than 50 years (following 1971’s “High Time”) with the album “Heavy Lifting” due October 18 — one day prior to the band’s induction into 2024’s Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame when they will receive the “Musical Excellence Award.”

“Heavy Lifting” features guitar and vocals by founding MC5 member Wayne Kramer, who also co-wrote 12 of the album’s 13 songs together with Oakland singer/songwriter Brad Brooks. Prolific for five decades, Kramer was the last remaining active member of MC5. He passed away suddenly in February, followed by the death of drummer Dennis “Machine Gun” Thompson in May. It is Thompson’s final studio recording.

The album’s debut track “Boys Who Play With Matches” is out digitally today, June 6. Stream it below.

Track listing

01. Heavy Lifting (feat. Tom Morello)
02. Barbarians At The Gate
03. Change, No Change
04. The Edge Of The Switchblade (feat. William Duvall and Slash)
05. Black Boots (feat. Tim McIIrath)
06. I Am The Fun (The Phoney)
07. Twenty-Five Miles
08. Because Of Your Car
09. Boys Who Play With Matches
10. Blind Eye (feat. Dennis Thompson)
11. Can’t Be Found (feat. Vernon Reid and Dennis Thompson)
12. Blessed Release
13. Hit It Hard (feat. Joe Berry)

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