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King’s X has completed the recordings and the mixing of its long-awaited new album. The legendary band is now in the process of mastering this new album, at the Bernie Grundman Mastering facility in Hollywood, California. Doug Pinnick posted a short video of him and included the message:  “At Bernie Grundman Mastering, where they are mastering the new KING’S X!!!”. 

Over twelve years have passed since the band’s latest album (“XV”, 2008) and Pinnick said about the new King’s X album in an interview last April, 2021: “I brought 25 songs in. And Ty [Tabor, guitar] and Jerry [Gaskill, drums] brought a slew of songs in, too. We got 17 songs out of the whole record. We’re not gonna put ’em all on the record, but we have a lot to choose from now. And Michael Parnin, who produced it and engineered it, he’s mixing it right now”. 

According to King’s X vocalist/bassist, “it’s gonna take a good while” to complete the album “because of the pandemic and the uncertainty of touring and all that stuff. ‘Cause who knows — at our age, this could be our last record. And we wanna do it right. We don’t wanna just put it out there in the middle of the pandemic and hope somebody buys it. We wanna put it out, go on tour and do videos. I mean, do it like we’re supposed to do it. So we’re telling our fans to just kind of be patient with us, because we really, really are hoping that this is as good as [1994’s] ‘Dogman’ and [1989’s] ‘Gretchen [Goes To Nebraska]’, which is what everybody wants. But it’s not a rehash of it. In fact, this record doesn’t sound like either one”

And he finished: “I think that we worked really, really hard on this record, like we haven’t since the early days — around ‘Gretchen’ and ‘Dogman’. I can tell it in the songs, how we’re all singing and everybody’s contributing to it. They’re not just doing my songs, and I’m not just doing Ty’s songs. We’re really putting ourselves into it.”

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