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Kaledon, the Italian power metallers have a new line-up, as singer Marco Palazzi and drummer David Folchitto rejoined. Currently Kaledon are already writing new songs.

Fresh wind in the fortunes of the formation around axeman Alex Mele now bring two ex-members: singer Marco Palazzi and drummer David Folchitto. New in the line-up of the Italian power metallers, however, is guitarist Francesco Ciancio: Francesco’s musical career began as a child. Introduced to the world of music by his father, himself a guitarist, Francesco admired and studied the great guitar heroes since his early years, eagerly imitating their stage gestures and playing postures. When he was 6 years old, he began to take an interest in classical guitar and Rock guitar. At the age of 11, he was finally accepted into the Conservatorio Santa Cecilia in Rome. Here he earned a master’s degree in classical guitar in October 2020, while developing a passionate interest in the electric guitar. He has already performed all over the world as both a classical and electric guitarist. Francesco also boasts active participation in various musical projects spanning many different genres. He has been fortunate enough to share the stage with high-profile musicians such as Mike Mangini, John Macaluso and Gus G. He is constantly studying new techniques. He is currently taking a specialization course in pop guitar at Saint Louis College of Music. The retired band members Michele Guaitoli, Tommy Nemesio, Paolo Campitelli and Manuele di Ascenzo left KALEDON to be able to realize 100 % with their own new projects. Thus reinvigorated, the new Kaledon will soon be working diligently together on more new compositions! Stay tuned!

LINE-UP -2023
Marco Palazzi • Vocals (2007 – 2014 / 2023 – present)
Alex Mele • Guitars (1998 – Present)
Francesco Ciancio • Guitars (2023 – present)
Enrico Sandri • Bass (2017 – Present)
David Folchitto • Drums (2001 – 2012 / 2023 – present)




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