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Jinjer, the metalcore band from Donetsk, Ukraine, has just entered the studio to start tracking its fourth studio album. This new album will again be released by Napalm Records. The quartet has also confirmed a string of headlining shows over Europe. With support coming from Humanity’s Last Breath and Hypno5e, a 14-date run is planned to go through in September and October, 2021.

Eugene Abdukhanov (bass) commented on the new album works: “Those of you who keep an eye on us must have already heard that Jinjer have been working on new material pretty much since the beginning of the pandemic. It is one of those situations where even the most negative and terrible predicament can sometimes have a positive outcome. Deprived of live touring, we managed to focus all our creativity and frustration and turn it into new songs which are, in my opinion- the best music we have ever written. It’s complex but yet catchy as hell, groovy but with such a palette of notes, sounds and most importantly: feelings… this new album might take the whole genre of extreme music to a whole new level and raise the bar of musicality even higher for this band and the metal scene in general.”




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