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Iron Maiden have just started their ”The Future Past Tour 2023”, playing their first concert in the capital of Slovenia, Ljubljana. The news is that the British heavy metal legends played for the first time live their classic epic song, ”Alexander The Great”, off the ”Somewhere in Time” album (1986). There was a rumor that they had rehearsed the song before the beginning of the tour, but as you can see in the fan-filmed video below, it is a fact – everyone who will catch Iron Maiden at this tour, he/she will witness ”Alexander The Great” live in concert. The irony’s that this tour doesn’t include Greece, so the Greek fans won’t have the chance to enjoy their favorite song live, although it has always been their request from the band. For sure, some fans have already bought their tickets to see Iron Maiden live on stage in a foreign country. Let’s hope that the band’s touring agency will add one live date in Greece!

The Ljubljana setlist was as follows:

  1. Caught Somewhere In Time (first live performance since 1987)
  2. Stranger In A Strange Land (first live performance since 1999)
  3. The Writing On The Wall
  4. Days Of Future Past (live debut)
  5. The Time Machine (live debut)
  6. The Prisoner (first live performance since 2014)
  7. Death Of The Celts (live debut)
  8. Can I Play With Madness (first live performance since 2014)
  9. Heaven Can Wait (first live performance since 2008)
  10. Alexander The Great (live debut)
  11. Fear Of The Dark
  12. Iron Maiden


  1. Hell On Earth (live debut)
  2. The Trooper
  3. Wasted Years


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