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It’s the album that every metal fan has been waiting a long time for. “Helloween” bundles everything that defines Helloween”, writes Deaf Forever editor Lothar Hausfeld. “An epic adventure for the ages”, judges Peter Albers from Breakout magazine and Rüdiger Stehle of Powermetal.de states: “The new album from Helloween is a constructive lesson in exceeding incredibly high expectations. It combines all the strengths of a band’s history and seven exceptionally great musicians into a work that is creative, finely balanced, epic and thrilling in every respect”.

This milestone that has been out for one week, exceeds all expectations and has now acheieved a sensational, well-deserved number 1 in the official German album charts! “For us this is the highest form of honour and we are very proud, thank you very much,” says guitarist and founding member Michael Weikath. “In my eyes, artists shouldn’t primarily be looking at charts and sales figures, but of course you’re really happy to get such a response for such a special album,” says vocalist Michael Kiske and his vocal colleague Andi Deris adds: “I have been travelling around the world with our music for 30 years – but a number 1 album in my own home country is probably THE dream par excellence for all musicians … WOW … we actually achieved it. Unity makes us strong – Pumpkins United we are!“.

With their epic self-titled epic Helloween conquered everything and won the soundchecks in German Metal Hammer, Rock Hard, Rock It and the two webzines Metal.de and Powermetal.de. For their record company, they have landed the most cover stories ever and the highest number of interviews completed – there is no question that this is the most important metal album of the year or of the decade.
“This album is more than a masterpiece – this album is heavy metal history”, says Markus Staiger, CEO of Nuclear Blast Tonträger Produktions- und Vertriebs GmbH and continues: “The number # 1 in Germany is well deserved and was our goal. I am proud of our team, they did a great job, of the fruitful cooperation with Bottom Row, the management of Helloween as well as all freelancers and once again the band for this fantastic album!”.

Get the album here: https://nblast.de/HELLOWEEN-Helloween

In the next few days the editors of Myth of Rock will submit their opinion for Helloween’s new album.

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