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Hell Theater has just released a new single, “Dressed in Black”. “Dressed In Black” is a track taken from Hell Theater’S album “S’Accabadora”, due for release on October 28th, 2022 via Wormholedeath. Hell Theater delivers a mix of pure heavy metal with theatrical horror themes.

HELL THEATER is a “horror metal” band formed in the Venice area (North-East Italy) in 2009 and has remained active mostly with live shows until today with some just line-up changes. In recent years they have returned exactly to the most famous line-up that produced their best works with the only introduction of the bassist GUH.LU as a guest, the live bassist of the Norwegian band GORGOROTH.
They compose horror-themed concept albums. Their way of doing HORROR METAL could be defined as an influence between Thrash Metal, Progressive Metal, and classic Heavy Metal.
The name of the band explains the meaning of their sound: “Theater” represents the vision of a horror show, while “Hell” expresses the stylistic direction of the band, both for the image and for the musical writing. Every single song is part of an album/music/work that develops as a multisensory concept.
Their previous work is the bloody aggressive EP “SMELL OF BLOOD” and the most mature concept album “REINCARNATION OF EVIL” distributed by “My Graveyard Records”, a 60’ long album of 12 songs.
Ten years after, the authoritative exponents of Horror Metal are back with the release of their new Horror opera “S’ACCABADORA” distributed by “WormHoledeath Records”, an inspiring story based on “true legends” in about 60’ music and 11 songs.
The story is based on a traditional Sardinian figure, the “female ACCABADORA” or ” she who ends”, who really existed in the past and perhaps still exists in very rural areas, to whom magical gifts were attributed, a sort of witch dressed in black.
They always get a very good ranking (from 8 to 9 /10) from paper magazines and webzines such as “Metal Maniac”, “Metallized”, “Rock Hard”, “Metal Head”, “Rock& Metal in my Blood” and many others. “Heavy Metal webzine” declared that “Reincarnation of Evil” was the best metal debut in 2012. Their fan base is particularly faithful and spread all over the world.


BRIAN STEELE – Rhythm & Lead Guitars
BOB AXX – Rhythm & Lead Guitars, Keyboards
GUH LU – Bass (guest performer)


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