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New blood in WormHoleDeath, coming from Mexico. The famous label welcomes Grave of Sacrifice, who play in a death metal style and have already prepared their EP, “Land Of Decay”, due for release on November 18th, 2022. 

The band states:”We wanted since we started to create an album that really speaks for us, all the songs in it are a way to say here we are, the concepts in the lyrics based on personal experiences, dreams, literature, and the composition of the music are a direct result of the passion and influence of great bands from a very vast variety of genres like death, thrash, jazz, groove, and black metal. The idea and the concept are very raw and straight: a statement of wrath to the current society, a scream for the voiceless, the rage of a group of 5 dudes, tired of living in a country with a corrupt and rotten government, an attempt to change things, and to send a message of strength. We are very honored and happy to start this new experience and to share it with all the people who want to listen to and follow our music. It’s a matter of fact that we’re very grateful and excited to move forward and to keep creating the music we love for everyone, everywhere”.

Grave of Sacrifice was formed in 2021, as a band that offers a powerful sonic attack based on heavy riffs, intense harsh vocals, and a high-speed rhythmic foundation, which together seek to bring a fresh and aggressive perspective to the death metal scene in Mexico.
2022 saw the emergence of the first official video of the band: “Macron”, as well as two singles: “Blind Maze” and “Macron”, which will be included in the group’s first official release, “Land of Decay”, a compilation of diverse influences from all the members of the group and which, united in an amalgamation of aural fury, is designed to rock the audience’s foundations to their very core.
“Land of Decay” will be internationally released by Wormholedeath Records on CD and distributed all around the world both physically and digitally by the Italian-based label. Their influences are bands like Decapitated, Lamb of God, Morbid Angel, Cannibal Corpse, Gojira, Suffocation, Beyond Creation, The Faceless, Atheist, Pantera, Metallica, and The Haunted, among others.

EP tracklist

1. Blind Maze
2. Kneel Down
3. Broken Thoughts
4. Macron
5. Land of Decay




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