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UK alternative rock band Found Missing? are pleased to announce that they have signed to European label WormHoleDeath for the worldwide release of their debut album ‘Blind Leading the Blind’.

Vocalist Justin Brett says about the album, “On our debut album we purposely didn’t try to be like anyone else, we just wrote music we thought was good, and if other people like it, which I know they will, then all the better, but we wanted to be ourselves musically; obviously there are influences, ranging from totally different music genres and you can see glimpses of those running through the album – personally I take inspiration from memorable vocals from all sorts of musical styles, I hear a pop track and think ‘the way they do that sounds great, possibly I can add that inspiration to a Found Missing track?’, That flexibility can be heard on the debut album, every song has a catchy chorus, but that doesn’t stop it being a distinctively punchy, alternative rock/metal release”.

The album is set for worldwide release on April 7th, 2023, and fans can pre-save the album now at orcd.co/blindleadingtheblindpresave.

“Blind Leading The Blind” is a statement of intent from the band, showcasing their unique and refreshing sound across genres such as rock, grunge, metal, and nu-metal. Produced, mixed, and mastered by Tom Donavan, with artwork by Masiha Fattahi and photographs by Andrew Hill.

Formed in 2018 by vocalist Justin Brett, drummer Graham Lyons, and bass player Simon Gardner, Found Missing is a band of experienced musicians who have come together to create music that truly represents who they are as artists. Recently joined by the talented young guitarist Dean Pullen, the band has already made a name for themselves with their self-released EP “Pretend,” which received rave reviews from critics.

Despite the challenges of the Covid-19 lockdown, Found Missing continued to release music, including their second video for the track “Now I’m Awake,” which accumulated over 40,000 hits on YouTube. In late 2021, the band released the single “Bliss,” which was produced by world-renowned Loki Films and received over 80,000 views on YouTube.

In early 2022, Found Missing decided to write and record their debut album, and that process took place in the summer of that year when they entered the studio to work with internationally celebrated producer Tom Donavan. The result is “Blind Leading The Blind”.

Found Missing? are:
Justin Brett: Vocals
Dean Pullen: Guitars
Simon Gardner: Bass
Graham Lyons “G.”: Drums
And introducing:
Emily Barlow: Guest Vocals ‘Your Smile’


1. Change Me
2. Love Me Hate Me
3. Nobody
4. Bliss
5. You Shouldn’t Have Told Me
6. On My Own
7. Blind Leading The Blind
8. It’s You
9. I’m The One
10. Made For Each Other
11. Now I’m Awake
12. Your Smile


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