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Fotis Delinikolas (composer and guitarist from Athens, Greece), who has in his assets numerous projects, live appearances & participations in all around the world, he introduces to us all, his first personal music album entitled “Alma”.

“Alma” was released on May 28th and includes 9 instrumental compositions, which while maintain a progressive metal character, manage very interesting transitions to various musical genres. It reflects the artist’s influences, from the beginning of his existence. Intense funk, jazz, rock & metal elements, combined with inventive riffs that are executed with an absolute technical precision. “Alma” is – mainly – a project created during the quarantine times, although it includes compositions much older. In any case, it’s a result of hard work, strong emotions and love, that helped Fotis to face this hard and challenging period of his life. With his mind clear of everything unnecessary, he simply wanted to express himself through his music. As a result, he has brought to peoples ears a guitar playing full of emotions, a diversity of genres and an admirable philosophical approach on every composition. He blends all his musical influences, taken from every year of his journey and manages to achieve a unique result. Everything finds its place and its role in “Alma”.

Music & compositions by Fotis Delinikolas, Mixed by Dimitris Radis, mastered by Apostolis Siopis (Siopis Masters), keyboards for “Alma” & “Dualism” tracks by Pavlos Culturemidis, artwork by Anastasia Konstantakou, video recordings for “Seasons” & “Dualism” by Apostolos Liagkas, voice on “Alma” track  Alex Simon Papaconstantinou, tzouras on “Brainwash” by Stavros Chilas.

Track listing

  1. Brainwash
  2. Alma
  3. Chimera
  4. Dualism
  5. Raindrop
  6. Run
  7. Judas
  8. Nexus
  9. Seasons

Feel free to listen to “Alma” through Spotify 

Purchase the album through Bandcamp

You can find “Alma”, on all digital platforms.




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