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Sorrow has fallen, as Richard Tandy, the keyboardist of Electric Light Orchestra, passed away on May 1st, 2024. Jeff Lynne, ELO’s mastermind, announced the terrible news on his social media, with the following heartfelt announcement: “It is with great sadness that I share the news of the passing of my long-time collaborator and dear friend Richard Tandy. He was a remarkable musician & friend and I’ll cherish the lifetime of memories we had together. Sending all my love to Sheila & the Tandy family”. No cause of death has been revealed.

Richard Tandy was a significant member of ELO, one of the band’s most cherished members and Jeff Lynne’s indispensable right-hand man. Renowned for his distinct keyboard prowess, Tandy played a vital role in shaping the British rock group’s iconic sound. From the minimoog synthesizer to the Mellotron and piano, his versatility spanned various keyboard instruments. His adept use of the vocoder left an indelible mark on ELO’s music, enhancing Jeff Lynne’s compositions with intricate string arrangements and layered backing vocals. Born in Birmingham in 1948, Tandy’s musical journey began with his involvement in The Balls before catching the attention of his schoolmate Bev Bevan, leading to his participation in The Move’s 1968 hit single “Blackberry Way,” which soared to the top of the UK singles chart. Tandy officially joined ELO in 1972, becoming an integral part of the band’s lineup across numerous albums, with the exception of their debut release in 1971. His unwavering commitment to ELO endured through various incarnations of the band, even when he collaborated with Jeff Lynne for the formation of Jeff Lynne’s ELO in 2014. Notably, Tandy contributed to the latest album, “From Out of Nowhere”, released under this iteration of the band. Beyond his musical contributions, Tandy was revered as a remarkable individual and a close friend to Jeff Lynne, earning legendary status among rock enthusiasts worldwide.

Richard Tandy’s absence, following his passing, will not impact the upcoming North American “The Over and Out Tour” by Jeff Lynne’s ELO, as Tandy was not slated to participate in the tour.

Rest in Peace Mr. Tandy, we will never forget you.

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