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by georget777

It’s so sunny here in Athens, Greece, we are in April and it is like summer has already come. The sun is always shining in a clear bĺue sky, so it is normal that we already are thinking about the summer live gigs and festivals. Until now, some big names have been announced for July – I am referring to the live shows of Arctic Monkeys and Scorpions, and of course to Rockwave festival, where Iron Maiden, Judas Priest, Saxon, Accept, Volbeat and Tremonti are going to kick our ass! The thing is whether the Greek fan can afford to buy the ticket for all these concerts or not, especially under the present condition of the financial crisis in Greece. If we consider that the companies which bring the big rock/metal names have set a rather expensive price for the concert tickets, it is obvious that the fan won’t be able to buy the ticket for all the concerts. And that is normal and logical, even if there was no crisis. So, it is necessary that the fans should make a choice, they should decide which live shows they prefer to attend. But, since we are talking about rock and metal live shows, are these expensive tickets tolerable with the true concept of a rock/metal gig? Is it fair that a young fan has to pay such big amounts of money to see his/her favourite groups? Should a rock n’ roll concert be so expensive? We are talking about rock n’ roll, my friends, not pop or classical music and opera!!! Well, the companies need these prices, in order to earn their profit, and the artists have to pay their bills, like everybody else. They are professionals. But they also have a special connection with their fans, there is a unique bond among rock n’ roll musicians and fans, that can’t be measured with money. The companies seem to forget that, mostly in countries like Greece. However, what should the real fan do? Ignore the prices and go to every show? I don’t think so, it is a matter of how much money they have in their pockets. Ignore their preferences and make a selection? Still, they may lose the experience to witness the live performance of a group they like. Or make their complaints to the companies which organize the gigs? That is a nice option, ideal in my opinion, but it presupposes that all the fans have the same attitude and express the same attitude. But, hey, these complaints should not take the form of not attending the shows – the artists should be encouraged, not disappointed. With these thoughts the time is passing and we are approaching summer. We wish that every part enjoys the forthcoming shows. The sun is shining and the sky is so blue …

 Dimitris Zacharopoulos


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