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Progressive metal titans Dream Theater have recorded a brand new medley of holiday classics, called “The Holiday Spirit Carries On”, available for download starting today at dreamtheaterofficial.bandcamp.com.

Says the band: “With touring cancelled around the world, the incredible members of Dream Theater’s crew have not had the opportunity to work as they normally would in 2020. Please help us support them by purchasing this exclusive holiday track. All proceeds will go toward these dedicated people who work tirelessly to make Dream Theater concerts possible.” In a video message announcing the release, guitarist John Petrucci said: “Since the COVID-19 pandemic struck earlier this year, all live concert performances and touring stopped, leaving tens of thousands of crews and technicians out of work for most of 2020.” Keyboardist Jordan Rudess added: “Our crew is like an extended family to us and they do amazing things for us — they help us put on a great show all around the world. So we decided to give back and create a Christmas medley to help support the guys and give ’em a great holiday.” Singer James LaBrie said: “They’re out there each and every time we go out on tour, making every night come off magically. These technicians, they work very hard. We’ve become extremely close with them.” Stated drummer Mike Mangini: “So by purchasing this Christmas medley, you’re directly supporting the people that you don’t see when you come to the concerts, but that make the concerts happen.” Added bassist John Myung: “And that’s the least we can do for them. They’re a great bunch of guys that do a lot for us.”

“The Holiday Spirit Carries On” is available only through the month of December, for $2.99, at this location.

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