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New York rocker Dmitry Wild plugs in on 11-track ‘Electric Souls’ album. Below you can watch the videos for the J&MC-inspired ‘Sweetest Thing’ and ‘Liberation’.

Press Release

New York-based garage rock purveyor Dmitry Wild has released his ‘Electric Souls’ album, bringing us 11 tracks that showcase his trademark blend of 70’s vintage rock, garage rock and post-punk ethos.

Truly passionate about the craft of songwriting, Dmitry Wild used the downtime of the great pandemic to complete the final writing for this solo album and gradually recording this material. Some earlier material is also included, dating back to when he was living in California.

“Some of our best songs come after we analyze what happened. This album is very much rooted in our human experience on the 21st century. Things convoluted to a boiling point this year in the social and climate sphere and at the global level. There are protests, virtual movements and personal revolutions we are undergoing but, armed with electricity and guitars, we are still making noise and yelling about our belonging in this beautiful and wild place,” says Dmitry Wild.

“We began the 21st century on this big spaceship but we are not making it through the gravity level, so the ship is being thrown around a bit and naturally, the passengers are afraid. Let’s not loose hope here. We are humans who have lived for thousands of years. Let’s believe in ourselves, know what we can change and let go of what we can’t.”

On this album, Wild collaborated with Strange House Media, their main engineer, Byron Frayne mixing most of the songs included here, as well as mastering the full album.

Dmitry Wild recently released the lead track ‘Liberation’ feat. Tryst and  the Jesus and Mary Chain-flavored single ‘Sweetest Thing’ about our ability to overcome fear, having earlier released the singles ‘Don’t Need Anybody’ and ‘Castle Walls’.

With music steeped in garage rock and rock n roll, this album also brings in the flair of 80’s epic synths, bluesy songs, gypsy-inspired compositions, and 70’s-inspired driving tunes.

On the live music scene, Dmitry’s shows take on a more rocking sound. His band Dmitry Wild & The Spells currently involves drummer Tommy Love, bassist Robert Paley, keyboardist Garret Smelcer and David Varlow on rhythm guitar. When also sometimes joined by notable Rockabilly bassist Chops LaConte, things take on a more theatrical turn.

‘Sweetest Thing’ is out now, available at all fine online music platforms, including Apple MusicSpotify and Bandcamp, where the ‘Electric Souls’ LP (out October 14) can already be ordered.

Track List

1. 21st century
2. Sweetest Thing
3. Liberation (Feat. Tryst)
4. Liberation Woes
5. Don’t Need Anybody
6. Summer of 21
7. Castle Walls
8. God, Ghost and a Ship
9. Wizard
10. Small Affliction
11. Small Affliction (Houses in Motion Remix)


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