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Cradle of Filth is almost ready to release its new, 13th studio album, via Nuclear Blast Records. And the title of the new album will be “Existence Is Futile”. The LP was once again recorded at Grindstone Studios with producer Scott Atkins and features artwork from Arthur Berzinsh, who previously worked with Cradle of Filth on 2015’s “Hammer Of The Witches” and 2017’s “Cryptoriana – The Seductiveness Of Decay”.

The band’s frontman, Dani Filth, said: “The stunning new album is everything you can expect from the many shades of black that go to discolor a Cradle of Filth release and far, far, worse”. 

Past December Dani Filth said that isolation and lack of live touring amid the coronavirus pandemic has contributed to making the upcoming record “our best album of current years, if not all time.”

He wrote on the band’s official Facebook page: “There was absolutely no pressure to turn the album in. In fact, there really was nothing better to do than indulge our creative juices and thus a huge swathe of the year was spent in the sultry depths of the Suffolk countryside polishing and perfecting our latest musical excretion. It’s an absolute killer of an album (if you forgive my self-flattery), with an immense production courtesy of Scott Atkins and Grindstone studios once again, and I’d like to be able to describe it to you but there is so much bubbling intently in this album. Fast and slow parts (and faster still), new delectable flavours and those reminiscent of earlier Cradle of Filth albums galore, massive choruses and melancholic drop-downs, old skool melodic NWOBM amid furious, scathing black metal amid apocalyptic groove and we as a band can’t wait for everyone to hear it…. And more importantly, experience our birthed monster live”.


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