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Clutch have just completed the recordings of their new studio album. The follow-up to “Psychic Warfare” (2015) was recorded at the Sputnik Sound studio in Nashville, Tennessee, with Vance Powell at the production helm. Powell, who has also worked with White Stripes and Red Fang, tweeted: “So, an hour or so ago, we wrapped tracking the new @clutchofficial record. I can’t wait for you all to hear it. But unfortunately, you’ll have to”. 

Guitarist Tim Sult recently said to The Advocate: “They’re my favorite songs. At this point, we probably have more songs than we’ve ever had before going into the studio. The material is a little heavier. It has a more doomed-out vibe and feel. We’re going to record more live”. “It’s our first time recording in Nashville. Who knows? We might end up with something that sounds like a Garth Brooks album. 

Sult told Chimera: “Everyone in the band has ideas for songs. Everyone in the band comes in with ideas for songs. We also just get together and jam out ideas as well — you know, squash out new ideas together. That’s also another big part of why we’ve been able to go so long — because we’re all equally artistically invested in the band. It’s not like it’s just one person’s project that a couple other guys are going along with for a couple years and then are going to leave and go do something else”.

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