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Burn The Sun, the Greek atmospheric heavy rock band, has joined the ranks at Sliptrick Records

Hailing from Athens, Greek band Burn The Sun were formed when brothers Stamatis and Aggelos Spyropoulos came together with their childhood friend Fotis Maragkos and started playing music under the Athenian sun. With Aggelos setting the rhythm with his drums, Stamatis positioning himself behind the mic and, together with Fotis, trading licks and riffs on their guitars, the new group found common ground in their shared influences from the Seattle and Palm Desert rock scenes of the 90’s, as well as their love for the acts that personify the 60’s and 70’s ethos like Pink Floyd and Led Zeppelin.

With the assistance of various close friends filling in for the bassist spot, Burn The Sun began performing psychedelic heavy rock shows all over Greece. Distilling all of their early experiences, they initially recorded a self-titled demo tape in 2012 followed by the EP Crack Of Dawn (2014), which was recorded live at Unreal Studios in order to capture the energy of their live shows.

Burn The Sun continued to expand their musical influences and their thirst for experimentation and so in Spring of 2018, they once again entered Unreal Studios with the aim of evolving their personal musical identity. The results of these endeavours will be heard on the atmospheric, heavy and ambitious sounds of their debut album Le Roi Soleil, set for release in 2022 via Sliptrick Records.

Burn The Sun are:
Stamatis Spyropoulos – Vocals/Guitars | Fotis Maragkos – Guitars | Aggelos Spyropoulos – Drums/Percussion

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