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Rap metal outfit BoomDox announce the release of their debut album “Dead Nation”, out on June 11, 2021 via Rock of Angels Records (physically and digitally)! 

Boom Dox’s first album is the result of producer/guitarist Nickal and DJ/Lyricist Mr. Sharp, clashing endless nights in the studio, drinking, playing music and brainstorming in a chill vibe where Nickal would grind out amazing guitar riffs that would inspire Mr. Sharp to write songs to. Production and song influences behind the album come mainly from groups like Body Count, Slayer, Pantera, Rage Against The Machine and Public Enemy. Conceptually the album “Dead Nation” finds the group’s need to tackle issues like racism, social injustice, police brutality, corruption and abuse of power! A true highlight on the album is the collaboration with the one and only, GRAMMY winner with Body Count; Vincent Price! “Dead Nation” should leave all listeners from all musical tribes satisfied, charged and uplifted and Boom Dox promises to keep the pedal to the metal through this whole experience.

Boom Dox line-up:

Nickal – Guitar

Mr.Sharp – Vocals

Dr.V – Bass

Dino George – Drums

“Dead Nation” tracklist

1. Zombie

2. Hit n’ Run

3. Guns Blazing

4. Blacklight

5. Death from Above

2. My Enemy

3. Leave no Man Behind

4. Dead Nation

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