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Legendary, original Black Sabbath drummer Bill Ward is working on his autobiography. The news was confirmed by Ward himself in an interview on SiriusXM’s “Trunk Nation With Eddie Trunk” (March 12, 2021).

The 72-year-old drummer, who admitted in the same interview that he no longer has the “chops” and the ability to perform with Black Sabbath, answered, when asked what fans can expect from his autobiography: “It’s not [going to be], like, ‘In 1968 we became famous, and then we did this and then we did that.’ In the book, I’m trying to be as careful about what I’m saying in order not to harm anybody — either the reader or anybody else that I’ve ever made contact with in my life. And right in the front of the book, there’s a great big notice to self, which is do not discriminate or do not say undignified things about your fellows or anything else. So it’s not gonna be a dirt book that puts me right down way below everything else, where the publishers — or some publishers — like it to be. I’m trying to write something that’s dignified”. And he continued: “There are [things in the book that are] more pinpointed rather than all the other things about rock and roll — things that are, to me, distasteful now. I have grandchildren, so I’m writing it, more or less, for the grandchildren, so they can understand that I worked with some great men, some great players, some great musicians — I’ve worked with so many good musicians. And so far, I still continue to do that. So I hope it’ll be a book about being honorable and being worthwhile to other musicians and to interested readers”.

Ward concluded saying that he had completed another book a while ago, which doesn’t yet have a release date. In addition, he is “writing two or three other books,” he said. ‘I write all the time. Some of them are very personalized things. Some of them are sarcastic looks at life”.



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