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Anvil is going to release its new album in May 2022. The legendary heavy metal band has set “Impact Is Imminent” as the title of its 19th album. Anvil’s upcoming album was recorded at a studio in Germany. The cover artwork can be seen below. Guitarist/vocalist Steve “Lips” Kudlow told Canada’s The Metal Voice about the band’s follow-up to 2020’s “Legal At Last” disc: “The new album is completed and mixed and done. What can I say? I can’t wait till it comes out. “The whole thing is a bit weird and odd because we put out an album and then never got to tour for it,” he continued, referencing the aforementioned “Legal At Last”. “So it’s, like, where is the tour for the last album already? So, what is the last album, just spinning our wheels? What was that? What happened? Now I’m in a position where I’m putting out another album, and I’m gonna have to actually try to push both albums. It’s, like, I don’t know. I’ve never been in a position like that. And then at the same time, while all this is going on, I got back from [recording in] Germany, of course, in October and have been writing songs since I got back. Because, of course, the last song I wrote was before I left — months before — so I had months of time off, not doing anything. So we started back in on it. We’re at [song] number 10 already — for the next album.”


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