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US metal veterans Agent Steel are streaming a new single from their upcoming record, “No Other Godz Before Me”, which will be released on March 19th. It is the song “Outer Space Connection” and you can enjoy it below.

The band’s official statement: “Lo and behold the official cover art for Agent Steel’s third single (taken from the No Other Godz Before Me album), “Outer Space Connection”! In addition, we are proud to introduce our new cherished mascot: The Demoness, an alien species (of the female gender) from an as of yet unknown fifth-dimensional galaxy! The Demoness will be the mascot representing the better half of the 21st Century version of Agent Steel’s continuing campaign. As you may notice via the cover art of this single, The Demoness was fed up with seeing humans auctioned off by frivolous colluders – thus deciding to take some of the money back that was collected by the auctioneering of various select humans and their estates. As such, she is fleeing with the money, as well as with a skull of some unlucky individual who did not make it through this ordeal. Fortunately, you will see much of the Demoness on future albums and artwork, as she slowly takes off her veil of human likeness and displays the true figure beneath, which indeed is not human. The mask and bodysuit she appears to be wearing on the cover is that of a human likeness, and not in the likeness of her true alien self, which lies beneath the veil of the mask she is currently wearing. The true form of The Demoness will be revealed – as she peels away the mask of the human likeness – throughout the successive developing artworks, which are to appear on various near future merchandise designs and album cover artwork”.


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