Great news for the German heavy metallers, Primal Fear, since they earned their highest chart entry (#7) ever in Germany with their new album, "Metal Commando"! All congratulations go to Ralf Scheepers, Mat Sinner, Tom Naumann, Alexander Beyrodt, Magnus Karlsson and Michael Ehré!

Bassist Mats Sinner comments: "Position #7 in the German Album Charts is simply overwhelming (Media Control on #6) and it’s our highest chart entry ever in Germany! Especially in a very difficult release week with many mainstream & German Schlager releases, we placed ourselves on a top position and sold the most albums in the first week in our sales history. A huge ‘Thank You’ from the band to our fans for the great support and the fantastic feedback! Thanks to Markus Staiger, Markus Wosgien, Nuclear Blast and everyone who helped to realize this album and believed in us!”

The title of the album is self-explainatory - Metal Commando contains 110% Primal Fear and is full to the brim with their signature power and energy.

In celebration of the release, last week the band has issued the new single and video "Hear Me Calling". Watch the clip below.

Bassist Matt Sinner comments: "The special thing about 'Hear Me Calling' is, that we are combining the vibes of the first PF albums with the new Primnal Fear of 2020. It's great, because Tom (Naumann) was a part of the song-writing and the basis of the song was made in my studio. Ralf (Scheepers) made the lyrics, perfectly interpreting all the emotions and with a really strong chorus. Far away from home, in a shady plane somewhere between Peru and Bolivia, thinking about home... a strong combination of powerful guitar riffs, awesome melodies, groove and a great hook!".