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Norwegian gothic metal pioneers TRAIL OF TEARS are back after more than a decade of silence. Their triumphant return kicks off with the title track, “Winds Of Disdain”, from their upcoming EP of the same name, set for release on May 24 via The Circle Music.

The single “Winds Of Disdain” is a powerful and emotional exploration of the frustrations and negativity that have gripped the world in recent years. The song channels the darkness of the pandemic and the bleak outlook of today’s society, all delivered with TRAIL OF TEARS’ signature dark gothic metal sound.

The song features the haunting vocals of Ailyn Giménez García, formerly of symphonic metal band SIRENIA. Alongside García’s soaring voice, founding member Ronny Thorsen delivers his distinct growls. The rest of the band features a solid foundation with Runar Hansen on guitars, Nicolay Jørni Johnsen on guitars and programming and Endre Moe on bass. This lineup promises to deliver TRAIL OF TEARS’ signature brand of gothic metal with a fresh and dynamic sound.

“Winds Of Disdain” marks the band’s first release in over 10 years and signifies a new chapter for TRAIL OF TEARS. They have signed a multifaceted deal with The Circle Music, which will see the release of the “Winds Of Disdain” EP, a full-length album and vinyl reissues of all seven of their previous albums, starting with their iconic 1998 debut “Disclosure In Red”.

“We are finally ready to share the results of our work since first announcing our return back in 2020,” says Ronny Thorsen, TRAIL OF TEARS founder and vocalist. “We’re excited to share our first new single and lyric video with you — and hopefully seeing you out there in concert, soon!”.

“Winds of Disdain” tracklisting

01. Winds Of Disdain
02. Take These Tears
03. No Colours Left
04. Blood Red Halo

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