Evanescence's guitarist Jen Majura, Gus G and Mike Portnoy met online and played a jam of Rudy Clark's "Got My Mind Set On You", which became famous, when covered by George Harrison.

Majura posted a video of the jam on YouTube, writing: "Give it up for this week's jam squad: (drum roll) Mike Portnoy and (fanfare) Gus G! We gathered together digitally to jam George Harrison's classic 'Got my mind set on you' for you! Hope you like it. Please like the video, share it with your friends to make them smile and spread happiness."

Gus shared the clip via Twitter and wrote: "My friend @JenMajura does these awesome 1 min jam video covers and I'm happy to join her & the legend @MikePortnoy as we're all jamming away on the classic George Harrison track 'I got my mind set on you'. Special guest cameo: Leon & Valentino".