"They Played Rock n' Roll" is a new song of Saxon, featured in the band's new album "Thunderbolt", set to be released on February 2nd through Militia Guard (Silver Lining Music). This song was written about and dedicated to Motörhead, with whom Saxon were friends.

Biff Byford, the frontman of Saxon, said that they named the song with that title, because "that's what Lemmy used to say every night [from the stage]". "It's basically about early Motörhead — '79/'80 Motörhead, like around 'No Sleep 'Til Hammersmith', 'cause that's the tour we were on, that one. So, yeah, it's about the band, really, and their music". Byford said about the similarities of the song to Motörhead's sound: "I asked Nibbs (Carter, Saxon bassist) to write me some music that was like Motörhead, and he did. So it sounds very Motörhead-ish, but not Motörhead, if you know what I mean."