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Fourteenth full-length studio album of Rotting Christ and we are going strong in thirty five years of success to meet “Pro Xristou”.  And for those who want to know what exactly is happening here and what the new album is about, we have to say the following:  as in the previous albums, “Pro Xristou” is a new chapter of knowledge, a truth that is documented and perfectly composed. A record that already knows a huge response abroad. And here we go:

“Pro Xristou”: The first track basically introduces you to what is following, with epic highlights.

“The Apostate”: Dynamic introduction that leads your imagination to create incredible images. It’s really like hearing an ancient Greek chorus referencing to the great emperor and philosopher Julian, who was persecuted and targeted by Christianity as an apostate due to his pagan beliefs.

“Like Father, Like Son”: a more melodic song, it describes the relationship a father has with his son and the principles he should give him for the course of his life.

“The Sixth Day”: Oh yes! On the sixth day, he created man…. Incredible tune!

“La Lettera del Diavolo”:  A mesmerizing interpretation by the one and only Androniki Skoula… Travel back in time, to Italy where the so-called “Devil’s Letter” is a letter dating back to 1676 that was supposedly dictated by Satan to a nun, Maria Crocifissa della Concezione.

“The Farewell”: Dynamic introduction and mention of the last emperors, who truly cared about their people and left them free to worship their gods.

“Pix Lax Dax”: What a magical intro! Reference to the Eleusinian mysteries and reconciliation with death and the expectation of the afterlife… The incredible melody of the song makes you feel that experience… It just thrills you…

“Pretty World, Pretty Dies”: An allegorical song that basically tells you the truth. Beautiful immortals you will die beautiful … Besides no one stayed forever immortal on earth … the tune really makes you shiver …

“Yggdrasil”: The World Tree of Scandinavian mythology. A tree of wisdom and knowledge, Andrew Liles’ narration simply captivates you …

“Saoirse”:  Honor to the last king of the Irish. Dedicated to those who dream a world free unoppressed, away from organized religions…. A song for knowledge and wisdom…

An album that is really worth listening to and traveling with its incredible melodies and narratives… A truly fantastic work that appears in the top 10 of the European album charts… Next appointment at the Lycabettus Theater on the 29th of June, 2024!

♦ 10/10

Ira Bunia


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