by MythofRock

Four years after their debut, “Order of the Minus”, Project Renegade come back with “Ultra Terra”. And they come back stronger and louder, with a sophomore album, which comes to tear everything down! During these four years, of course, Project Renegade played many significant live concerts, something that you can “hear” in the new album. The Greeks have progressed a lot and as a result, their new release is a blast! We had already listened to the singles “The Fix Is In” and “Bloodwitch”, however, none could imagine how much massive and relentless the new album would sound! Project Renegade release a modern metal thunder, with catchy refrains, sharp guitar riffs, a super-heavy rhythm section, all with a perfect sound production, which gives priority to the melodies and the groove. All four members are excellent in their performance – however, if I had to give the prize only to one member, I would definitely give it to Marianna, who is nailing it, giving a stirring recital. Stylistically, Project Renegade are somewhere between Lacuna Coil and Slipknot, as they blend different styles in a unique way. And if we take into consideration the socially-sensitive lyrics, we can understand how extraordinary this album is. The thirteen songs of “Ultra Terra” reach high levels and the overall quality is more than thrilling. Yes, “Ultra Terra” is a fantastic new album by Project Renegade, who take many steps forward. Take a listen to songs like “23”, “The Millennial March”, “Civil Unrest”, “Token” and “Negative Grey” and you will understand these words!

♦ 9/10

Dimitris Zacharopoulos



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