by MythofRock

Federale, the Portland-based band known for their cinematic and evocative soundscapes, once again captivate their audience with the release of their new single, “No Strangers”. This track not only serves as a tantalizing preview of their forthcoming album, “Reverb & Seduction”, set to release this summer, but also pays homage to the legendary Lee Hazlewood, a disitnguished figure in the world of country and pop music. From the opening notes of “No Strangers”, it’s clear that Federale has meticulously crafted a piece that is both a tribute and an evolution of Hazlewood’s distinctive style. The band, led by multi-instrumentalist Colin Hegna, has long been celebrated for their ability to channel the spirit of spaghetti western soundtracks and blend it with modern sensibilities. “No Strangers” is no exception. The track opens with a reverb-drenched guitar on a basis of an indie pop/rock rhythm section, immediately transporting the listener to a dusty landscape reminiscent of Ennio Morricone’s scores. The production is lush yet restrained, allowing each instrument to breathe and contribute to the overall atmosphere without overwhelming the composition. The vocals baritone is rich, echoing Hazlewood’s iconic deep, melancholic voice. Yet, my personal favorite of “No Strangers” are the orchestral, symphonic sounds, which make the final result even more sophisticated and expansive. As far as production is concerned, the band has clearly put a great deal of thought into the sonic details, ensuring that every note, every echo and every silence serves the song’s narrative. As a single, “No Strangers” does exactly what it should: it intrigues, it engages, and it leaves the listener wanting more. Federale has successfully honored the legacy of Lee Hazlewood while crafting their own song. Fans of Hazlewood, spaghetti western soundtracks and modern Americana will find much to love in this track.

♦ 8/10

Dimitris Zacharopoulos

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