by MythofRock

Italian power metal band Alterium just released their debut full length album titled “Of War And Flames” and I went on the journey of listening to it. This record surely has a lot of vocal power in store for us, having known lead vocalist Nicolleta Rosellini from her previous projects like Kalidia and her own personal ones, I was sure that this was going to be an absolute powerhouse of a creation. The quintet straight out of Italy bring their power metal influences to the table and blend them with multiple genres such as symphonic and rock. The gracious sounding keyboards and vocals and the ever so speedy guitars, make for a diverse and interesting sound. The instrumentation is gorgeous yet packed with power and takes you on a mythical journey. I personally loved that their subject of focus lyrically was mythology and video games, which I found myself very interested in. Ranging from the story of Odysseus and the siren to the Egyptian Goddess Sekhmet and games such as “Crossroads Inn” and “World Of Warcraft”, they certainly have a variety of inspirations. This record is a very strong start for the band and leaves a lot of high expectations for their later on works. Energetic in points and soulful and slow in others, this album will emit emotions you didn’t even know you were holding back.

Christina X


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