Raven's new album, "Leave 'Em Bleeding", will be out in September 30th, 2022. It will be a special release, since it is a retrospective of the past seven years.

Experts agree: Without Raven, neither thrash nor speed metal would exist in their current form. The British trio around the Gallagher brothers John (bass, vocals) and Mark (guitar) not only released some of the most important albums of the NWOBHM era, but they also had a lasting influence on an entire generation of musicians in the early 1980s. Much has changed since then, often either becoming vestigial or vanishing completely. Raven, however, have persevered, immortalizing themselves in the annals of music history with an imposing presence that continues up to this day. Not least through two studio albums that perfectly represent the recent works of the group: ‘ExtermiNation’ (2015) and ‘Metal City’ (2020). To the great delight of their fans, Raven will be touring again in the foreseeable future – performing their new album ‘Leave ´Em Bleeding’, featuring the best of the past seven years plus some red-hot bonus tracks.
“In a way, this record is a retrospective on the past seven years, which were hugely important to us, even if they haven’t always been easy”, is how John Gallagher describes their songs ‘Top Of The Mountain’, ‘Metal City’, ‘The Power’, ‘Destroy All Monsters’ and ‘Battle March/Tank Treads’. The first three tracks mentioned are from ‘Metal City’, the following two from ‘ExtermiNation’. This glimpse into the past is rounded off by a live version of ‘Crash Bang Wallop’, found in its original version on the 2019 concert album ‘Screaming Murder Death From Above: Live...’, a special testimony to the boundless power of this band, which – in addition to the Gallagher brothers – is completed by drummer Mike Heller.

As a special gift to their large crowd of followers, Raven treats us to six bonus tracks one shouldn’t miss out on. It starts with ‘Necessary Evil’, one of the first three Raven songs after Mark Gallagher's serious accident in November 2001, when the guitarist was half-buried by a six-meter wall and had to undergo several surgeries to treat his severe injuries. Although the band was back on stage mere two years later, it wasn’t until 2009 that they could start working on their comeback album ‘Walk Through Fire’, with ‘Necessary Evil’ as its spectacular finale. Second bonus track is their Montrose number ‘Space Station #5’ (Mark Gallagher: “During the early years, we often ended our shows with this song”), followed by ‘Malice In Geordieland’, a superb outtake from the session for ‘ExtermiNation’. Second cover song on ‘Leave ´Em Bleeding’ is their Thin Lizzy number ‘Bad Reputation’. Gallagher comments: “We`ve always been total Lizzy fans. I`ve never seen them live, unfortunately, but their influence on us and many others is huge.” Rounding off the list of bonus tracks are ‘Rock This Town’ and ‘Stay Hard (Live)’; both come with exciting back stories. Gallagher: “’Rock This Town’ was produced by Michael Wagner in Nashville in March 2018 and features us as a trio live in the studio. The recording is just too powerful to have it sit in a drawer and collect dust. The live version of ‘Stay Hard’ is a 2017 recording from ‘The Vanguard’ in Tulsa, Oklahoma. An employee of the club recorded the show and gave it to us on a flash drive. We haven't played ‘Stay Hard’ too often, so in that sense the release is a little special.”

Six bonus tracks in perfect balance to the six “regular” songs, meaning twelve Raven highlights in total that leave you wanting more, especially regarding the concerts that will hopefully be taking place very soon!


 1. Top Of The Mountain 3:38

2. Metal City 3:30

3. The Power 3.56

4. Destroy All Monsters 6:05

5. Battle March / Tank Treads 5:27

6. Crash Bang Wallop (live) 4:12

7. Necessary Evil 3.56

8. Space Station #5 4:03

9. Malice In Geordieland 3:04

10. Bad Reputation 3:09

11. Rock This Town 3:51

12. Stay Hard (live) 3:05

The new album "Leave 'Em Bleeding" will be released on September 30th through SPV/Steamhammer as CD DigiPak, LP version, CD/LP bundle with shirt (only at the Steamhammer shop), download and stream: https://Ravenlunatics.lnk.to/LeaveEmBleeding

The Dead Daisies radiate some heat with their new album, "Radiance"! The supergroup is set to release its sixth studio album on September 30th 2022.  

‘RADIANCE’ is ten tracks of pure unadulterated brilliant rock.  The power of Doug Aldrich and David Lowy’s dual guitars provide a wall of sonic nectar.  Front man Glenn Hughes rock solid bass grooves and unmatched vocal intensity, still among the greatest rock singers of all time and the matrix of Brian Tichy’s drums set the engine room on fire!

Radiating heat, ‘RADIANCE’ takes you on an exhilarating ride.  The first singles off the album, ‘Radiance’ and ‘Shine On’ went straight to air on radio across the globe, were added to digital playlists and received with open arms by tens of thousands of fans and audiences on their EU Summer Tour when played live.

“The new album ‘RADIANCE’ is our 2nd album with Ben Grosse producing from top to bottom. We had a great time composing and recording the record and I’m very excited for you all to
hear what we put together. Definitely a heavy album but with some cool twists and turns! Hope you all like it.” – Doug Aldrich

‘RADIANCE’ is the second instalment The Daisies have recorded with esteemed producer Ben Grosse at the helm, recorded at The Mix Room in North Hollywood California.

All the songs on ‘RADIANCE’ are written by David Lowy, Doug Aldrich and Glenn Hughes. Hard-hitting drummer Brian Tichy returned to The Daisies in early 2022 to lay down the drums on ‘RADIANCE’.

“I am very much looking forward to the release of ‘RADIANCE’, the newest LP from The Dead Daisies! It was great to start off being back in the band by getting together with Doug, Glenn, David, and producer Ben Grosse at his studio dialling in the songs that make up ‘RADIANCE’. It was a very smooth, organized process of jamming with the guys getting all drum grooves and parts just right! 

The final result is another slab of butt-kicking rock! The guys all brought their A-Game and a tight, powerful record was created!  I’m looking forward to everyone hearing it and playing more of these songs live in the near future!” Brian Tichy

‘RADIANCE’ will be available as a Digipak CD with sticker, Gatefold black vinyl with printed inner sleeves and digitally through The Dead Daisies Pty Ltd/SPV from September 30th.

Track Listing

 1. Face Your Fear

2. Hypnotize Yourself

3. Shine On

4. Radiance

5. Born To Fly

6. Kiss The Sun

7. Courageous

8. Cascade

9. Not Human
10. Roll On



A new Rage EP is coming out this September! The German speed metal veterans will also launch a tour with Brainstorm in October/November 2022.

German Power Metal band Rage has come up with a special surprise for its followers to thank them for their loyalty and patience during the long wait enforced by the pandemic: In time for their major co-headlining tour alongside Brainstorm in October and November 2022 and as an appetiser for the things that await their fans, singer/bassist Peavy Wagner and his bandmates Jean Borman, Stefan Weber (both guitars) and Vassilios “Lucky” Maniatopoulos (drums) are set to launch their ‘Spreading The Plague’ EP, featuring three previously unreleased new songs as well as three exciting bonus tracks. Says Peavy“This is a thank-you to our fans who have stood by Rage for so many years. We really look forward to seeing everybody again at our upcoming shows.”

‘Spreading The Plague’ consists of the songs ‘To Live And To Die’, ‘Spreading The Plague’ and ‘The King Has Lost His Crown’, all three from the production phase of Rage’s 2021 album ‘Resurrection Day’ and previously unreleased. Peavy explains: “These are numbers that we recorded at the same studio quality level as our ‘Resurrection Day’ material but have deliberately held back until now to have something special up our sleeve for our fans when we’ll be able to tour again at last.” ‘Resurrection Day’ was a major success for Rage: The album scored high chart positions in a number of countries in September 2021, such as number 14 in Germany, number 12 in Japan, number 38 in Switzerland, and a more than impressive number 46 and 81 in the US and Canada, respectively.

The new EP is complemented by three bonus tracks: ‘A New Land’ is a new unplugged version; ‘The Price Of War 2.0.’ was first released a few months ago as a digital single including video clip to introduce new band members Jean Borman and Stefan Weber, but has not yet been available on any physical record, same as the Rage classic ‘Straight To Hell’, a live stream from the Balve Cave venue in July 2020.

So there are plenty of exciting things in the offering: a new EP (complete with exciting cover artwork courtesy of Karim König, who has also designed ‘The Devil Strikes Again’ and ‘Seasons Of The Black’, among others) as well as a big European tour in October/November 2022. It’s safe to say that Rage fans have plenty to look forward to ...


01. To Live And To Die – 4:07

02. Spreading The Plague - 4:27

03. The King Has Lost His Crown - 4:29

04. A New Land (acoustic version) - 3:29
05. The Price Of War 2.0 - 4:07
06. Straight To Hell (live from the Cave) – 5:08

"Spreading The Plague" will be released on September 30th2022 through SPV/Steamhammer in the following configurations:
=> DigiPak
=> LP, 140 g ,black vinyl, printed inner sleeve
=> Download / Streaming
=> Exclusive CD/LP Bundle with a shirt only at the Steamhammer shop
RAGE live 2022 :

23.07. IT-Zogno - Ambria Music Festival

30.07. DE-Hünfeld - Rhön Rock Open Air
06.08. DE-Regensburg - Metal United Festival
12.08. DE-Pfungstadt - Phungo Festival
20.08. DE-Essen - Turock Open Air
26.08. PT-Viseu - Milagre Metaleiro Open Air
27.08. DE-Tennenbronn - Metalacker
03.09. DE-Brüggen - Bongert Open Air
10.-12.10. ES-Mallorca - Full Metal Holiday
on tour with BRAINSTORM
13.10. DE-Mannheim - 7er Club
14.10. DE-Siegburg - Kubana
15.10. AT-Wörgl - Komma
16.10. DE-Munich - Backstage
18.10. CH-Pratteln - Z7
19.10. SK-Bratislava - Randal Club
20.10. HU-Budapest - Barba Negra
21.10. CZ-Zlin - Masters Of Rock Cafe
22.10. PL-Krakow - Hype Park
23.10. CZ-Prague - Rock Cafe
25.10. DE-Nürnberg - Hirsch
26.10. DE-Berlin - Lido
27.10. DE-Fulda - Kreuz
28.10. DE-Flensburg - Roxy
29.10. BE-Ittre - Zik Zak
30.10. DE-Osnabrück - Bastard Club
31.10. DE-Stuttgart - Im Wizemann
02.11. DE-Hamburg - Kulturpalast
03.11. DE-Übach-Palenberg - Rockfabrik
04.11. NL-Enschede-Metropool
05.11. BE-Sankt Vith - Triangel
06.11. DE-Trier - Mergener Hof
09.11. IT-Paderno - Slaughter Club
10.11. DE-Burglengenfeld - VAZ
11.11. DE-Neuruppin - Kulturhaus Stadtgarten
12.11. DE-Hanerau - Hademarscher Hof
13.11. DE-Bochum - Zeche


Tour Agency: http://www.luckybob.de/

On July 12th, 2022, Age of Fire released their new EP titled “Through the Tempest”. In this EP is included the new single, “Seeds Of Tomorrow”, which is accompanied with a music video. You can read more info on the band and enjoy this new music video right below.

Formed in South Florida in 1988, Age of Fire set out to create their own style of Heavy Metal. To date, they have music that touches on thrash, symphonic, melodic and progressive metal. Having played clubs throughout the East Coast and Florida, they disbanded in 1991 but were resurrected by founding member Greg Brown in 2018.  Since then, their music has been heard on over 1,000 traditional and satellite radio stations around the world. The band continues to be featured in international media including Metal Hammer (Portugal), The Metal Mag (Europe), Fireworks (UK), Hard Music Base (Slovakia), Permafrost (Norway), Dead Rhetoric (USA/Sweden), Bunker (Russia), Iron Backstage (USA), Battlehelm (USA/UK/Sweden), High Speed Hangover (UK), Encyclopaedia Metallum (Canada) and Megadeth’s Megacruise. They are represented by SWC Global Media LLC, endorsed by Solar guitars and Dirtbag clothing.