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Dødheimsgard have canceled their scheduled tour. The avant-garde black metallers were supposed to embark on an European tour with Keep Of Kalessin and Cadaver, but that won’t finally happen.

The band comments on its social media: “The fat lady is singing, it is a wrap, Jim Morrison is calling out the end, done, down, concluded, over with, that’s all she wrote folks….

“So what went wrong? Ultimately, there was no single factor, but some of these factors ended up carrying a lot more weight than for the death of it, just going through with the tour. The truth is, I don’t want to swap the instrumentalization of reason for a speculative mind whose only purpose is shifting the blame around. The bottom line is what it is, the 2022 tour is no more, and I am very truly sorry for whichever part I played in its failure.

“I really want to thank all the local promotors and venues for holding on to the end, everyone who bought a ticket, everyone who was planning on going, and everyone that wanted to go but for any or all reasons could not make it this time around. Every single individual who supported the tour in some manner or another, thank you. The fan-base is truly the be all and all for any performing artist!

“Now it is time to reinvigorate our focus elsewhere. Our new album is due for release in March, and I am sure we will be able to utilize the countless hours spent on preparations, not to forget the finances spent for this tour, down the line.

“Success is not final, failure is not fatal”.


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