Universities of Manchester and Liverpool conducted a research, according to which young heavy metal fans are five times more likely to self-harm or attempt suicide. This study was published in the British Journal Of Clinical Psychology and found that groups belonging to alternative subcultures are at far greater risk of hurting themselves.

Peter Taylor, a clinical psychologist from the University Of Manchester, said: "The belief that alternative subcultures may be at an increased risk of self-harm and suicide is considered by some to be a myth. But the literature we reviewed does suggest that these individuals are indeed in greater danger. However, this research requires interpretation within the wider context of public concern around alternative subcultures and their impact on the mental health of young people". And he continued: "We're not saying that doctors should be worrying about everyone wearing a Metallica t-shirt, but if there are also other signs which point towards self harm, then they definitely ask the question. Many people become affiliated with these groups because they feel like they don't fit into society and so face a lot of vulnerabilities. But there also might be victimization and stigma associated with belonging to these subcultures".

Mairead Hughes from The University Of Liverpool added: "There is not enough evidence to tell us why it is that people belonging to these subcultures are at greater risk. Young people who have faced more adversity may be more likely to become part of a subculture, but this does not seem to fully explain the increased risk. Stress associated with being different and belonging to a minority group may also explain some of the risk".

We don't specialize in the psychology of adolescents, we aren't experts and doctors, but it is very easy (naive maybe?) to blame one music genre and subculture of the psychological problems that young people deal with in our society. Yes, people who belong to a subculture are more likely to feel different, on the other hand, though, we believe we must find the true reasons of these psychological problems in the way our society treats young people. One question arises: Is heavy metal, rock or punk responsible for some youngsters' feeling of "not belonging"?

Judas Priest have just entered the top ten in the U.K. album charts with their new album, "Firepower"! More specifically, they reached position No. 5 and that happens for the first time in 38 years, since "British Steel" reached No. 4 in 1980. Also, "Firepower" has become Judas Priest's first-ever No. 1 in Sweden, while in the U.S., the album is expected to enter the Billboard 200 at No. 2. That means that Judas Priest's new album gets the commercial success that it deserves - it is a great album and the fans recognize it!

Greek record label No Remorse Records is going to re-release one of the classic albums of 80s US metal: Q5's debut, "Steel the Light". Q5, who were formed in 1983, released two top-notch albums of melodic heavy metal in the eighties, the aforementioned "Steel the Light" (1984) and "When the Mirror Cracks" (1986). This official reissue will include all the classic tracks of the original release plus never-before released bonus tracks and thick booklet with many photos and new liner notes. The album will be available in June 2018 on CD, LP and limited deluxe box set (featuring both the CD, LP and an exclusive t-shirt). Pre-orders will begin in May 2018, and exact dates will be announced on time. Q5 will embark this August on a full European tour, in which the band will play its debut in its entirety, as well as other favorites - the confirmed dates include countries like Germany, United Kingdom, The Netherlands, Belgium, Switzerland and Greece.


Overkill's new live DVD/Blu Ray, "Live In Overhausen", will be out in stores on May 18 via Nuclear Blast, but there is at least one person that is not excited with this upcoming release. We are referring to Bobby Gustafson, former Overkill guitarist, who posted the following statement on his Facebook page: "What are they celebrating: The fact that none of the other members even played on these albums. The fact that they will both make all the money and not the other 3 or the fact that they think they don't have to pay me. Don't buy this piece of shit people. I'm not getting a dime". Gustafson is apparently referring to his former bandmates D.D. Verni and Bobby "Blitz" Ellsworth.