An interview with Joey DeMaio was posted on Manowar's official website ( Among other things, the band's bassist clarified that the "Final Battle Tour" isn' t the end of the legendary epic metal group. 

When asked whether the upcoming summer shows are really going to be the last Manowar shows ever, DeMaio answered: "Okay, let me clarify something. We never announced the end of Manowar; we didn't even plan to never tour again. There are so many places that we constantly get fan requests from… We said it's time for a break. So that we can work on other projects for our fans: For example, I'll be traveling with my spoken-word tour this winter where I'll be talking about the history of the band, rare photos and video included. I am working on a metal opera (think "We Will Rock You", but Manowar style). And, of course, we'll continue with Part II and III of our "The Final Battletrilogy. But I'll be honest: With the overwhelming feedback from this tour, and fans literally begging us to continue it is really hard to not think of new touring. We've had fans tell us that the thought of us retiring or not touring anymore takes the joy out of their lives. Having such an impact is an honor and a responsibility that we take seriously."


US Power Metal act JACK STARR'S BURNING STARR started works on new studio album, entitled "Souls Of The Innocent". The band once again teamed up with sound engineer Kevin Burnes and producer Bart Gabriel, with whom they did the last two studio albums, "Stand Your Ground" and "Land Of The Dead". "Souls Of The Innocent" will be released by High Roller Records, and will be the first one with new singer, Alex Panza.

"We the members of BURNING STARR are very pleased to have Alex Panza join us as our new lead singer" says Jack Starr. "For those who have been following our band and my solo albums through the years, you will know that we have had some great singers in the past like Rhett Forester, Mike Tirelli, and most recently Todd Micheal Hall, and now we are proud to welcome Alex Panza, and we are sure that his voice and his singing style will be very much appreciated by our fans" he adds.
 BURNING STARR is an American Power Metal band formed in 1985 by the VIRGIN STEELE co-founder and guitar wizard Jack Starr. After doing 4 classic albums in the '80s: "Rock The American Way" (1985) "No Turning Back!" (1986), "Blaze Of Glory" (1987) and "Jack Starr's Burning Starr" (same titled, so called "orange album" from 1989), the band returned with a new line up feat. Jack Starr (guitar), Ned Meloni (bass guitar, ex JOE LYNN TURNER band), Kenny Rhino Earl (drums, ex MANOWAR) and Todd Michael Hall (vocals, now in RIOT V).

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Unfortunately, all Ozzy Osbourne performances in 2019 have been postponed, since the legendary musician is recovering from an injury that was "sustained while dealing with his recent bout of pneumonia". This is a new postponement, as Ozzy had already postponed his entire U.K. and European tour.

Osbourne stated: "I can't believe I have to reschedule more tour dates. Words cannot express how frustrated, angry and depressed I am not to be able to tour right now. I'm grateful for the love and support I'm getting from my family, my band, friends and fans. It's really what's keeping me going. Just know that I am getting better every day. I will fully recover ... I will finish my tour ... I will be back!".

Most of the North American tour dates have been rescheduled for next year and the U.K. and European dates will be rescheduled within a few weeks. 


The 34th annual Rock and Roll Hall of Fame ceremony took place on Friday night, 29th of March, 2019, in Brooklyn, New York's Barclays Center, and the artists which were inducted this year were Def Leppard, The Zombies, Roxy Music, The Zombies, The Cure, Radiohead, Stevie Nicks and Janet Jackson.

Joe Elliott (vocals) spoke on behalf of Def Leppard, who were inducted by Queen’s Brian May: "Those songs we've written over the years were always our main priority. And although there seemed to be a looming sense of tragedy around every corner, we just wouldn't let it in. But it's true, it did seem that every time we made some musical headway, life would knock us back down somewhat. 'Pyromania' is a raging success… then Rick has a life-changing accident. He survived it and came out the other side stronger. 'Hysteria' gave us the global success that we'd always craved… and then we lost Steve. But we survived and came out the other side stronger people. And that's the way it's always played out throughout our career. So let's face facts here, if alcoholism, car crashes and cancer couldn’t kill us, the nineties had no fucking chance".

It’s interesting to see what songs did some of the inducted bands play at the ceremony.

Def Leppard played "Hysteria", "Rock Of Ages", "Photograph" and "Pour Some Sugar On Me", Roxy Music played "In Every Dream Home a Heartache”, "Out of the Blue", "Love Is the Drug", "More Than This", “Avalon” and “Editions of You”, and The Zombies “Time of the Season”, “Tell Her No”, “She’s Not There” and "This Will Be Our Year".

 The event closed with an all-star performance of "All The Young Dudes" (David Bowie), featuring Def Leppard, Ian Hunter (Mott the Hoople leader), Brian May, Steve Van Zandt, The Bangles' Susanna Hoffs and Rod Argent (The Zombies, Argent).