by MythofRock

Folk metal is a genre of music that never went out of fashion. Many bands add folk elements to their music and release fine albums. Wind Rose, who hail from Italy, is one of these bands, and have now released their third album, called “Stonehymn”. The interesting fact about Wind Rose is that they play in a power/progressive metal style, which incorporates the aforementioned folk (especially Celtic) music elements. “Stonehymn” is an album that won’t tire you, an album that has many things to give you in every listen. Wind Rose’s song structures, their technique, their passion are remarkable and charming; “Stonehymn” is truly an inspired album, a collection of powerful songs with great melodies. Imagine Sabaton with a more complex folk music sound and you will get the picture. In their third album, Wind Rose are mature now, their music has an immediate effect on the listener’s heart, they are grabbing your hand and take you on a wonderful travel. All eight songs have something exciting to say, all eight songs will make you smile and get away from reality. This folk power/progressive metal adventure should not be missed. It’s a musical gift for us all!

♦ 7.5/10

Dimitris Zacharopoulos



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