by MythofRock

Warlord continue without the late William Tsamis and with only original member the drummer Mark Zonder. A lot of things have been said about this fact and in my opinion, we must let the music do the talking. So, what do we have here? We have a selection of traditional melodic heavy metal songs, which have an epic/pomp character. Warlord anno 2024 carry the legacy and open another chapter in the sacred book of Warlord. We are in front of some great tracks, which combine the mature guitar work with unique melodies, and can enjoy an album, which has elegance, gusto and vision. I expected nice songs and that is what we get from “Free Spirit Soar”. Thus, I am satisfied with this album and everyone will be absolutely happy with it, if he/she listen to it with the heart and not the mind. I won’t stand upon the performances or the arrangements, but I will focus on the passion, the feeling, the ethos. I also liked the lyrics, which have a religious character and give the right direction, the right dimension to the whole experience. I will conclude saying that this is a really beautiful record of heartfelt, full of dynamics and twists, and interesting music, which stands at the height of Warlord’s history and tradition. It isn’t a masterpiece, but a wonderful piece of melodic, pompous, luminous heavy metal, which stays in your mind. For me it is an unforgettable metal opus. Let your spirit soar!

♦ 8,5/10

Dimitris Zacharopoulos

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