by MythofRock

Well, W.E.T. have done it again. Not only they are considered (and deservedly are) on top of the hard/melodic rock, AOR, or whatever someone could call them (I have never been good at labeling …), but they delivered their best album since day one. To be precise, their second best – since their debut reached heights never to be beaten or even reached – but really, “Retransmission” is a fantastic album! It is the perfect example of what can actually happen, when great artists/musicians show what they are capable of, demonstrate unique chemistry and artistic creativity. Jeff Scott Soto is on fantastic form on this one. All the choruses, the intensity and passion he sings every single note is at the highest level of professionalism. This guy has already proved he can single a quite vague span of music genres. But it’s on this one that he sets the bar so high for himself, the band and the fan of the band as well. He is so great to listen to. Robert Säll and Erik Mårtensson consist a great duo behind their duties. They are the first two letters of the band’s name (‘Work of Art’ and ‘Eclipse’) and they are the core, the driving force behind this dynamic band. All over the listener can find anthemic choruses, beautiful melodies (either slower or more like power ballads), catchy and crunchy riffs and memorable leads and towards this direction the crystally clear production sets the tone for a record worth remembering it for long. Andreas Passmarck (bass) and Robert Bäck (drums) complete this promising lineup with the best way. Something tells me that, although this album appeared in the dawn of 2021 and its way too early for conclusions, it’s gonna be one of my absolute favorites. There are no fillers here, no compromises, only catchy, groovy melodies that get stuck in your mind from the first round of listening to the album. My personal highlights are: “Got to be about Love”, “Beautiful Game”, “Coming Home” and “You Better Believe it”.

♦ 9/10

Antonis Mantzavinos





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