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Bob Katsionis, the Greek multi-instrumentalist, well-known from his days with Firewind, is always a guarantee that the final music result will be superb. This time Katsionis comes back together with Billy Vass, presenting Vass/Katsionis’ sophomore album, “Cynical Silence”. This record is the successor of the fantastic “Ethical Dilemma” debut, which introduced us to the power/progressive metal world of the duo. “Cynical Silence” stands as a perfect work of heavy metal art, following the style of Fates Warning, Dream Theater, Queensrÿche, etc. The duo remembers the golden era of power/progressive metal in the 80’s and the 90’s, however, the final result doesn’t sound clichéd and dated. Katsionis and Vass know well what they like, what they have in their heart and make another fine record. And they manage, for another time, to create a music opus, where technique meets feeling, where technical skills serve the song and its melodies. “Cynical Silence” is full of melodic hooks, the guitar riffs cut you like a knife and the technical themes and structures satisfy even the most demanding listener. Katsionis has done again a perfect job in the guitars and the keyboards and Vass has written amazing vocal lines, so catchy and memorable. As a result, we listen to incredible songs, which may have intricate arrangements, yet they won’t tire you – you know, we have feelings here, not just difficult music patterns.  All tracks here have things to say, but, personally, I like so much “The End of Innocence”, “Cynical Silence”, “Invisible Thread” and the evocative “A Day Without Loss” and “My Island Is Home”. We are talking about a power/metal masterpiece, ideal for those who want their power/prog metal emotionally rich. Katsionis and Vass did it for another time, and they deserve our congratulations.

♦ 9/10

Dimitris Zacharopoulos


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