by MythofRock

This band is in a continuous creative domino. Album after album they give their best, to present us fresh music with this late 70s – early 80s touch, like very few bands do, especially on such a quality level and on a highly inspirational mode. “Aeromantic” is our flight companion (and not only flight I must add) to allow us feel nostalgic, sense this old-school sweet melancholy (like, for example in “Divinyls”, which is a great song) of that old era, but filtered from their modern perspective and overall influences of course.

The Night Flight Orchestra is an incredible band. An all-star lineup spanning from different backgrounds, careers and music impacts. On the other hand, what is remarkable in their case, is how seriously they have taken this band, how consistent they have been and how committed they appear song after song. “Aeromantic” blends so many elements and influences, you can hear ABBA (“This Boy’s Last Summer” intro for example), Elton John, and the keyboards have this ‘new wave’ flavor in many cases (“If Tonight is Our Only Chance”) and also “Curves” brings a bit of Roxy Music/Bryan Ferry or even Toto essence in their music, which is fantastic to my opinion. The highlight of the album, to my humble opinion, is “Transmissions”, an anthem of the style of music they have played from day 1! Björn ‘Speed’ Strid has an astonishing gift with clean/melodic/mellow vocals which brings out the whole beauty of the song’s tone and mood, a song which flows so cool and is the prefect soundtrack for travelers on a Trans-Atlantic (or closer) flight, or even during a road trip. Or the perfect song for a party gathering with your friends. A reminder of our parents’ disco parties from the 80s (check out the song “Taurus”). Such a beautiful nostalgic feeling, especially with the violin solo, matching so perfectly the song and the album at its entirety.

For sure, “Aeromantic” may have not been the band’s best work so far, however is (another) perfect example of what they are capable to do, a great chance for the listener to spend a wonderful music trip with their tunes, to dance, to remember, to live..

Brace yourselves and let The Night Flight Orchestra do what they do best! Lift off!!

♦ 8/10

Antonis Mantzavinos




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