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by MythofRock

Do you know a band, coming from Melbourne, Australia, named Shadow of Nyx? Well, it is time to check their strange name, since their symphonic power metal (with a progressive metal touch) is more than satisfactory, especially for the fans of the genre. “Melodis” is the band’s first official release, and I must say it is a collection of five songs, for which they should be very proud of. Produced and mixed by the renowned musician/producer Bob Katsionis, mastered by Nasos Nomikos, this debut EP is full of interesting music ideas and fine melodies, beautifully arranged in four songs plus an instrumental one. What makes me happy with this release? Apart from the aforementioned melodic hooks, I like very much Sarah Light’s warm voice and the catchy vocal lines, the whole, brilliant guitar work of Tim Goodman (especially the joyful solos), the incredible keyboards (atmospheres and solos) and of course, the way all these things are incorporated in every track of this EP. “Melodis” has no weak moment and will send you to the stars – listen for example to the title track, “No More Tears” and “War of Necessity”, it is a matter of time to get lost in this joyful maze! Shadow of Nyx have made a fantastic beginning with this EP, and promise even better things for the near future. I am sure that the Aussies will realize what they are saying with “Melodis”. This is how another female fronted metal adventure starts! Don’t you want to see/hear for yourselves?

♦ 7,5/10

Dimitris Zacharopoulos



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