by MythofRock

Savage Messiah was formed in 2007 and has released four studio albums until now – “Demons” is the fifth full-length record of the Brits. To be frank, I hadn’t heard of Savage Messiah before and having heard this new album, I surely feel ashamed. You see, Savage Messiah has a melodic speed/power metal style, they manage to make a mix of their classic metal influences and the contemporary metal elements, and successfully combine melody with power and speed. Their performance is excellent – they are not just delivering the goods, they rise as a true metal force, unstoppable, relentless, invincible. Of course, they aren’t reinventing the steel, but they sit on the modern melodic metal throne. Listen to their melodies, the guitar riffs, the catchy refrains. Everything is brilliantly carved in this music opus, everything is perfectly set and done. My favourite tracks are “What Dreams May Come”, “The Lights Are Going Out”, “The Bitter Truth”, “Until the Shadows Fall” and the cleverly orchestrated cover of Chris Stapleton’s “Parachute”. I forgot to mention the album’s wonderful production, which turns the nice songs to big metal anthems! To sum up, Savage Messiah returns with a real rocker, which will thrill all melodic metal enthusiasts. If you want to stay connected with melodic metal’s pounding heart, give a listen to “Demons”.

♦ 7,5

Dimitris Zacharopoulos



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