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The Swedish war metallers are ready to release their new album (“The Great War”, out on July 19th via Nuclear Blast) and they have revealed a new song, off this album, called “Fields of Verdun”. It’s a typical Sabaton song, with great guitars, a nice refrain and many 80s classic metal influences. You can stream it below.

Bassist Pär Sundström comments: “We choose “Fields Of Verdun” to be the first single since we felt it represent the album perfect, a classic Sabaton metal song which we cannot wait to include in the future setlists. The story of the battle of Verdun is also very representative for the album since it has all elements that identify with ‘The Great War’. Verdun is so much WW1 that we decided to hold the first album presentation in this city, inviting journalists from around the world to not just hear the album, but also understand the story behind it.

“It is the first single from the upcoming album even if we just released “Bismarck”, but that song is not from the upcoming album. We decided to write “Bismarck” outside the album since the story does not connect to WW1 and also that it was recorded at a different time. The meaning of this song was a tribute to all fans who have contributed over the years by sending us ideas for future songs, please continue with that!”


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