by MythofRock

It is time for Rammstein. Good old Rammstein! It is time for the German titans to share their new album with us. It is time for “Zeit”. We finally listen to a really nice record from the Germans, who return having so many things to say. All the characteristics of the band, the typical style of Rammstein is here, in well crafted songs, made for our pleasure only. We can enjoy the legendary Rammstein groove, the mythical Rammstein melodies, the unique Rammstein sound, which, as always, combines heavy rock and metal music with gothic, electronic and pop elements. All members of the band  are in a great shape and give their full potential for an outstanding album. Till Lindemann’s voice has not aged, the sharp guitars cut like a knife, the galloping rhythm section sounds like the marching of an army, the melodic hooks are irresistible. You can’t say no to these new songs, which are added to the long list of the good Rammstein tracks – for instance, the title track, “Giftig”, “Meine Tranen”, “Zick Zack” and “Lügen” will leave you begging for more! If you give a single chance to the new Rammstein installment, you will soon get excited! It is a matter of minutes to get addicted to this fantastic release by Rammstein. It is a matter of time to adore “Zeit”. No time for losers, ‘cause Rammstein are the champions. The Germans were a bit late, but they did it again. All congratulations go to them for an amazing work of beautiful art.

♦ 8,5/10

Dimitris Zacharopoulos







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