by MythofRock

These boys from the city of Umeå, in the Swedish province of Västerbotten Norrland, have signed their first album, with Frontiers Music Srl and it’s their fifth album overall. Originally formed in 1997 in northern Sweden, Persuader have delivered raw, melodic and in your face power metal ever since their inception and their Frontiers debut promises absolutely zero compromise in that department! After a long absence with “The Fiction Maze”, the four Swedes are back with “Necromancy”. It opens with “The Curse Unbound”. A raw opening, played by Emil Norberg, on the guitar, with Fredrik Mannberg (the band announced his departure, early this year, and Alex” Impaler” Friberg is now the bass player), jamming so hard, alongside with Efraim Juntunen and his powerful drums. We can hear the contrasts of the bass and drums. “Scars” is more raw and the bass lines make difference on this one, especially Jens Carlsson’ voice. On “Raise The Dead”, Jens asks who is calling him, from infinity and he’s not afraid. This song has a thrashy and demoniacal vibe to it. It’s just perfect for a music video, for the days we’re living in, don’t you think? You discover that these boys can play any type and genre of metal. Specially Jens. This dude has such lungs and vocal range. If I didn’t know that it was him, who was singing, I wouldn’t believe my ears. Very, very awesome. “The Infernal Fires” is very “Persuader”: very powerful and fast track. We can clearly see the influence Blind Guardian has on these guys and it’s not a band thing. It’s not for everyone’s ears, but at least, you should give it a try.

♦ 8/10

Raquel Miranda




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