by MythofRock

Brooklyn-based experimental electronic artist Pas Musique delivers a track, which gives the answer to the question – “What happens, when you blend electronic music, exprerimental music, synth-pop, ambient and kraut rock?”. “Too Civilized” is a track, which respects and carries the legacy of experimental/kraut rock bands like Faust, Can and NEU!, but also is flirting with 80s synth pop and 90s electronica. The track’s abstract and experimental nature challenges conventional music norms, pushing the boundaries of electronic music with its intricate layers and unconventional rhythms. Pas Musique offers something avant-garde, improvisational but also meticulously crafted, with a raw production, which gives the main role to all kinds of synths and keyboards. The use of both analog and digital elements showcases Pas Musique’s skill in bridging the old and the new, much like the themes of his music bridge the critique of past and present societal constructs. What is more, we have also some recorded vocals over the music corpus, which vocals helps the song travel us to a distant place and time. To conclude, Pas Musique makes experiments and finds success, creating art that is complex and simple at the same time, producing noise, which has character, quality and a fascinating impact on the listeners. Come here and pay attention to the “Too Civilized” single. Pas Musique has started saying things again, very important and intriguing! Will you listen to him this time?

♦ 8/10

Dimitris Zacharopoulos


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