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Meden Agan doesn’t need any introduction. Their “Erevos Aenaon” and “Lacrima Dei” albums have been fairly characterized as perfect symphonic metal pieces of work. Now the time has come for their new, fourth full-length album and I admit that I am impressed, soon after the first listening session. What we have here is an outstanding symphonic power metal opus with operatic vocals. The band has found the perfect point, where the melodic metal style gets more powerful and the gothic influences are merged in the symphonic metal core. In “Catharsis” you will find the band in a great shape, performing well-crafted songs with a fantastic musicianship. Meden Agan has the know-how of composing interesting, pompous and majestic anthems that will blow your mind. Their kind of metal presupposes technique, passion and heart, things that the band has in large proportions. A feeling of gloriousness stems from “Catharsis”, enough to excite the astonished listener. No fillers here, just push play and cross the gates to a wonderful world of melody and power. With “Catharsis” Meden Agan showcases its effective inspiration in a collection of songs that takes them to a higher level. The band’s breakthrough and success won’t be a surprise for me. They just deserve it, my friends!

♦ 8/10

             Dimitris Zacharopoulos

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